National Head Wrap Day with Queen Imani Aisha

I was overjoyed to be an Ambassador for National Head Wrap Day! Surrounded by so many queenly women in my community made me feel proud. Medical related hair loss is one of several reasons why women choose to wrap their heads. As a person living with lupus, my hair has been greatly impacted. I wear wraps to cover baldness as well as for religious & cultural purposes.

The energy at this event was so high! Hat’s off to Imani Aisha for bringing sisters together to promote a great cause.

Art of the Head Wrap Fox 2 News with DeVonshae Ali & Imani Aisha along with ambassadors for National Headwrap Day

20161102_071530.jpgWonderful day with queens in the community! Celebrating sisterhood, culture and survival around the theme of headwraps. I love being a Knotty Gurl adorned in my beautiful wraps! Join us November 20th at Olive Green International Cuisine! Sign up at

National Headwrap Day Nov. 20, 2016

Join me on November 20th, 2016 as Queens Wear their Crowns! Honored to join forces with Queen Imani Aisha in spreading awareness on how to adorn yourself while battling medical related hair lost. As many of you know I loss my hair as a result of Lupus. It has been a struggle with thinning & baldness from the disease and medication. However, wigs have not been my only resource to cover loss. Wearing headwraps have aided in coverage & beautification. Headwraps are a big part of my culture and are now a great part of my daily wardrobe. Consider coming to our event held at Olive Green International Cuisine. Tickets available at http://www.imaniaishacreations@gmail.comĀ 14711281_10154661610308620_8127429162221765778_o-1

DeVonshae Ali a.k.a Jah Artsy Gurl keeps it tight with her Knotty Gurl fashion trend

My style philosophy focuses on ethnicity with bold colors, sassy attitude and dare to be unique boldness. Often, I try not to match because as an artist I like to include the 7 elements of art and incorporate them into my fashion statements. “I am art” is what I tell myself, therefore I am always making a statement with my attire. Rebellious at times, refusing to follow the trends and opting to create my own keeps me feeling free. Freedom of expression is important to me so I never allow myself to fit in one type of style box.

Headwraps are my signature statement. Learning the history of the tignon and other head coverings I learned assist women not just in beautification, but modesty, religious practices and medical related hair loss also make headwraps very special. Plus, there is no right or wrong way to tie them. Just express yourself! Let go! Have fun! Be yourself!

~Jah Artsy Gurl

Jah Artsy Gurl with photographer, Christian Johnson of Creative Vibe


Mr. Serving With a Badge himself joins forces with DeVonshae Ali a.k.a Jah Artsy Gurl. This time he is taking a short break from community activism to show off his photography skills with the lovely author, actress, blogger, poet, model, doula, entrepreneur & international prayer leader, DeVonshae Ali. Going to one of her secret places of prayer to capture her artsy, ethnic, spiritual side.

“Photography by Christian Johnson…highly recommended!!!!!
I love the professionalism, creativity and energy that Christian brings to the set. He listened to my vision and worked hard to help me capture my spirit on every photo. I would use him time & time again because he has no fear of watching the human spirit bare all in front of his lens!
DeVonshae Ali a.k.a Jah Artsy Gurl
Author, Actress, Word Smith, Spokesperson and Entrepreneur.”

***Henna Art by Henna Stlouis***



20160103_080415-1It has been a joy to be apart of making the movie #stlpdthemovie. Being casted for the role of Ms. Ann was answered prayer. I truly believe in not despising small beginnings. Although my role is small, little becomes much when you place it in the masters hands. Feeling grateful & counting my blessings!

DeVonshae Al. a.k.a Ms. Ann